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Upright and breathing. Good thing.

Kidney Cancer Survivor

The belly after the kidney came out

On the fourth of September of 2009, I went to my doctor for some digestive issues. After pushing and such he ordered up a CT Scan. OK fine,  I thought. Well after having this done from the pelvic to the sternum, I got the “”good news” and “bad news” speech. The good news was diverticulitis, easy to treat. The bad news was that I had a substantial mass on my left kidney. Only in the movies and TV right?

A week later I am at a Urologist’s office with the CD made of the scan. He said it was large enough and so close to the artery that removing it was the best option. He said not to worry, there was a spare.

On the morning of 21 September, 2009, I checked into Via Christi, Saint Francis in Wichita. At 0530 in the morning. It was a Monday! By 0730 I was prepped and on my way into dreamland. The surgery started at 0800 and was done by 0945. I was in recovery until after 1200. I sleep well under sedation.

I was taken to a room and had all kinds of staff around. There was the catheter, the IV with the “magic button” for pain and a TV remote and this here laptop. I was hounded to take a walk that very afternoon. Try that with a tube in you know where!

That Thursday, I got the OK to go home. He said the pathology showed cancer. The Missus had done some research on line and found out that 99 percent of mass/tumors found on kidneys are cancerous. But she waited until after the surgery.

And for your viewing enjoyment is the incisions taken by me the evening I got home.


6 Responses to “Kidney Cancer Survivor”

  1. retiredpo1 said

    As to certain sensitivities at Parrothead Jeff and Friends and specifically Kath. It has only made it to myspace,, facebook, sons of liberty riders and the email inboxes of friends, shipmates and fellow scalawags .

  2. nuke said

    Dang. I had the exact same procedure done within a week of yours.

    Hope all is well with you

    • retiredpo1 said

      Yeah! Doing well. With my new job with the AF civilian guys it is a “gotcha” thing. There are a few of them with no stomach at all. It did give me a bit of celebrity at Edwards, though!

  3. snigsspot said

    Congratulations on being a survivor, although from what I’ve read here, I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. Here’s to many, many, many more cancer-free years!

  4. retiredpo1 said

    Made it fit this template.

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