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A Sunny Day in Cal City

Posted by retiredpo1 on 02/14/2010

New solar sidewalk lights

I put in the solar ones today, as it was a fabulously sunny and warm day here in the Desert.

The Patio!

The Patio at the Casa de Sharon y Glenn. The BBQ got a work out later in the day. Filet Mignons and Lobster Tails for dinner. OH MY! 8)

I can’t call it theĀ Veranda, as my buddy Buck at Exile in Portales already has that covered.

Looking north

The Tehachapi Mountains near the Red Rock Canyon State Park. It is a short drive from here. Ain’t the desert pretty in the sunshine? šŸ˜‰


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Happy New Year( and the double nuts are gone) Stuff

Posted by retiredpo1 on 01/01/2010

Didn't have any of these last night!

Happy New Year to All! The nuts are over! Well sort of anyway. I am sure the congress will do it’s level best to hang us all out to dry. Nuts. Aircraft Modex-Side Number in NavAir. The number on the nose is 1xx, 2xx and so on. The first one in each squadron, as a general rule of thumb is the CAG Bird. It is the even number of 100, 200, 300 and you gt the picture. The term used is Double Nuts for the zeros. Lesson in Naval Aviation complete.

I didn’t have any of the above libations last night. The Missus and I went to Palmdale. She was wanting some of those new Skechers with the rocker still sole. I forgot what they are called. But the Famous Footwear had to order here size and the colour she wanted. They are going to be delivered to the house. I did pick up a new pair of hikers by Nevados that are light and comfy.

And later this morning it is the NHL Winter Classic. The Flyers at The Bruins in Fenway Park, Outside in the elements. It is the way so many of us learned to play the game.

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Three Month Mark

Posted by retiredpo1 on 12/21/2009

Precisely three months ago today, I had the surgery to remove what turned out to be a cancerous kidney. A lot has happened since the discovery of what was then called a Renal Mass. I started a new job after being laid off in February from an aircraft plant in Wichita. I have been at Edwards for about a month and a half now. But every once in a while, I have one of those,,,,is this really happening moments, sometimes when I am on the flight line looking at the desert and the mountains in and around it. Like those in the header of this blog for instance.
Quite the three months, I would have to say.
And today was a splendid day!

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Today’s adventures

Posted by retiredpo1 on 12/01/2009

I assisted on a pre-flight inspection this morning. Outside, on the line. To get an airplane ready to fly.Ā  And I have only been here three weeks. OMG!Ā  I had a rather splendid day, I must admit. The sun was shining brightly as it does in the Mojave Desert about 95 percent of the time.

And the cable TV finally got started/hooked up. It is throwing a switch but it took three weeks! All I need now is a TV! The Missus is going to be bringing our stuff here, shortly. But I could use a Boob Tube. The LA Kings and Anaheim Ducks play on Fox Sports Prime andĀ  I can get those games up here in the High Desert.

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