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Just playing around

Posted by retiredpo1 on 02/19/2010

Change is good. Funny ain’t it?!?!?!?!? Got a better layout, I think.

Looking for the easy to read one……in that group myself. Damn Trifocals anyway!


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Name change

Posted by retiredpo1 on 12/12/2009

I decided to make it more reflective of where I now live and work. I apologize to any and all who may be confused. The link will be the same.
I already have one that is related to my Sea Service Career and those other fun and games that hit us when we least expect it. But I did import to this one from the other one because of the blogroll.

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Diamondback CAG Bird

Posted by retiredpo1 on 11/29/2009

I never was in a Hornette Squadron but the CAG birds are usually very sharp. One of the sharpest is VFA-102 over there in Atsugi, Japan riding the USS George Washington. A long time ago, they were flying Phantoms from the USS Independence. Used to chock and tie those airplanes.
I did a new shot in the header because it has airplanes that represent 11 years or so of my career. Nine in the A-6 and two in the T-2. The pic is of the bone yard at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson.
There is a site called Air Fighters at that has a section devoted to bone yards.
I have one down the road in Mojave. ANA 747s, about a half dozen Air Canada 767s including the Gimli Glider.
For the non aircraft enthusiast, places like Davis Monthan, Mojave, Victorville, Kingman and Marana are where airplanes go to die. Sometimes they do get a reprieve, a fair number are given heavy checks and serviced and sold to other countries.

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Too much time on my hands

Posted by retiredpo1 on 11/26/2009

Can you tell? It is Thanksgiving and in a couple of hours I will be heading to Palmdale for dinner with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law.
But I had to keep messing with the template. It may change again, who knows?
And since a fair number of my readers are sort of airplane nuts, I give to you CVW-5 doing the obligatory shot with Mount Fuji. CVW-5 is forward deployed at NAF Atsugi Japan and embarks in USS George Washington CVN73. As you can tell it is mostly Hornets. These are the “CAG” Birds with the neat paint schemes on them.

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Messing with colours and fonts

Posted by retiredpo1 on 11/26/2009

Trying to make it easy for guys like me……………………..and Buck…………..and Pinch………and that Lamps guy Contrast is where it is, maybe? Feed back is welcome!

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