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Hockey, Period

As most who have read and sort of followed my blogs know, I am a hockey fan.
From the time I knew what Hockey Night in Canada was. Howie Meeker and Danny Galivan calling the game on the CBC via translator to Havre, Malta and Scobey.
Montreal Canadiens Fan. The first time I saw Jean Beliveau go end to end and score unassisted. He didn’t even look like he was breaking a sweat. Yeah.
Gretzky. The only thing that made Gretzky great was the little guy from Finland on his right wing. Jari Kurri was the best set up/assist man to ever put on skates and gloves. And Gretzky was an ugly skater! That kid in Pittsburgh, Crosby is more like Beliveau as is Ovechkin. And that Ovechkin is fast.
And Brett Hull is a sniveling crybaby. And that goal in the 99 final against the Sabres should have been waved off. Hull’s foot was in the crease and that was against the rules.
The rule changed immediately following the game.
And Gary Bettman is about as much good as that maggot in the white house.
A true NHL fan not in a city with a team should follow the original six or what is left of the second six.
The second six were The Penguins, Flyers, Seals, Kings, Blues and North Stars.
The world stood still when the Tampa Bay Lightning won a Stanley Cup. Florida? OK I believe every kid should lace ’em up and go.
I lived in Wichita, Kansas for the last eleven years and was a fan of the CHL team we had, the Thunder. Along with Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Memphis it was a rebirth of the CHL of old. Dallas was in the league for a year. In the old CHL, Dallas was the Blackhawks primary farm team. It should have stayed that way. But, Texas has more pro hockey teams than any other state/province. The Stars of the NHL. San Antonio, Austin and Houston of the AHL. Laredo, Texas(N Richland Hills), Amarillo, Odessa, Allen, Rio Grande Valley(Hidalgo) and Corpus Christi. Mexico has a National Team! The game I loved on frozen ponds and in over sized quonset huts is global beyond belief.
Back when I was a youngster, the big international matches were in the Olympics with the USSR and Canada in the Gold Medal Game. The Japanese play the game now.
My buddy at Exile in Portales, Buck, is a diehard Red Wings fan, as is my daughter. Raised her well didn’t I? She shed tears this last spring when the Penguins and Sid The Kid won Lord Stanley’s Cup over her beloved Wings. She called me on the phone while I was also watching. My boys played when we moved to Havre, MT when I retired. It was on a shoe string but they played. And when the younger laid a check on a kid from Butte that required smelling salts…….his momma went…..He can do that? I said that Brian did not leave his feet or bring up his elbows and the other guy saw him coming. Good, solid open ice check. Bert Knibbs would have been proud.
Bert Knibbs, owned the hardware store in Bow Island, Alberta when I was going to school there from 68 to 71. Bert was on the last Canadian Senior Amateur team to play for and win Olympic Gold. The team was the Edmonton Mercurys. In County Forty Mile, Bert was Hockey. He could tell you how to fix your game, and not even see you on the ice. This was when Troy Loney was in Grades 1 and 2. I have the yearbooks with the pictures. Troy Loney was on the Penguins 91 and 92 Cup teams and the first Captain of the then Anaheim Mighty Ducks.
Do I love this game? Ask my wife and kids. We had family pictures taken some years ago, in Wichita Thunder Sweaters.
Blue, Blanc Et Rouge! Vive Les Canadiens!!!!!!1


2 Responses to “Hockey, Period”

  1. Mary said

    We came across some pictures of me with some of the LA Kings, and one with Larry Robinson. Maybe one of these days we can get them scanned in and I will email them to you.
    GO KINGS!!
    My oldest son is a die-hard Wings fan also. Other one is a Kings fan.

  2. retiredpo1 said

    Larry Robinson was one of my favourite defensemen when he was a Canadien. A larger version of Jacques Lemere. And he coached the NJ Devils to a Cup.
    Can’t wait to see them.
    And I am slowly becoming a Kings fan. I get most of there games on cable up here in the Desert.

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