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Still here

Posted by retiredpo1 on 01/08/2010

Not an overly interesting week here in Cal City and at Edwards. We went to Tehachapi for the Missus’ feet but that was done with by 11 AM. It was my RDO, so every other Thursday is a day off. It is a civil service schedule thing.

I did watch the Ducks-Blues and parts of Redwings at the Kings last night. But I also had to hit The First 48 on A&E.  Plus early to bed to get up early for work this AM. This is being typed as my coffee maker finishes up. Fill thermos and take off for work.

And I did not watch the mythical football championship last night. Waste of time.


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Made it follow up

Posted by retiredpo1 on 12/16/2009

The Missus has second degree burns on six of her toes due to the heater in the Penske Rental truck. It had two settings, cold and full blast furnace. We had spent Sunday, Monday and yesterday evenings at High Desert Medical Group’s 24 hour urgent care in Lancaster. Not tonight, even though they wanted her back. She has an appointment in Tehachapi at the branch facility there. It is closer to us than Lancaster and not as big a pain with the holiday shopping traffic. I have been running on not a lot of sleep. Tonight is Mythbusters and nighty-night. At least I will have a short day tomorrow, with taking an hour leave to get her there. I do have everything in the garage and house. That’s it as last Saturday was 11 hours of OT.
And this will be the first Christmas Season with just the two of us. After 27 and 1/2 years together total. 26 and 1/2 of it married. Interesting situation and feelings for us. Last year we had two of our kids and their families over. That was six of the eight grandchildren. And now, this year, not a one.

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The Missus has hit the road with the truck.

Posted by retiredpo1 on 12/07/2009

Just talked to her a little bit a go. She was in the Oklahoma Panhandle, headed for the Texas Panhandle. She may miss the heavy storms by getting a late start. That is a good thing. The weather at Flagstaff is not good, Blizzard. At least it will just be deep snow by the time she gets there.

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