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Up Chit/Progress Report

Posted by retiredpo1 on 10/23/2009

The visit to the urologist was uneventful. He said the incision is doing just fine and I am waiting for him to fill out the three pages that the Air Force sent me. It is the same SF that I had for the initial physical for the job. Gotta love Uncle Sam and the endless paperwork. I guess that comparison to sitting on the porcelain throne comes to mind. The job isn’t finished until the paperwork is done! Those of ou who have been in the Armed Forces will completely understand.
Now I wait to get the paperwork back. But the part that actually screwed up the day was waking up with a fever, sore throat and such. In awhile it will be Walmart brand nighttime cold/flu medicine and Powerade.
Thanks to all for the support and encouragement! It is kind of cool being a part of this blogging thing.
As soon as I get this thing to upload my photos, I will toss a few in. It doesn’t seem to want mine for some reason.
To Karla, Perri and Ann, Thanks a million. Now all I have to do is twist Pinch’s arm and get on the instapinch blogroll!


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