Somewhere in The Antelope Valley

Upright and breathing. Good thing.

Glenn Mark Cassel

Born and brought up on the High Plains of Montana and in Southern Alberta. For three years I was also a loyal subject of HM Elizabeth II. I was a kid, OK.

Joined the Navy in 1973. Stayed in until 1993. Seemed to be a good idea at the time. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. Most of you would not understand.
Married to Sharon Kay Naatz for better than 26 years.
Dad to four: Pat, Brian, Rachael and Amanda. Blue Star Dad, Pat is a SSG in the Army Reserve.
Grand-dad to eight: Autumn, Ricky, Joseph, Bailee, Lennon, Jenna, Gianna and Piper.

Sometime railroader, mechanic, airplane builder and occasional scalawag. Jack of a few and master of none. Now reside and work in the Mojave Desert for the US Air Force in the civil service. Nice Gig. The town is California City. Don’t let the name fool you. Looks like the reservation.

Cancer Survivor. You read that right.

And if you don’t believe in the Second Amendment, you don’t believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as written by the Founding Fathers of The Republic.

Oh yeah, I am a staunch conservative.


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