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Up Chit/Release

Posted by retiredpo1 on 10/28/2009

I had to go to the other side of town to pick it up. But it has been faxed to Edwards AFB! Sometimes the paperwork for something is downright amazing. AHHHHHHHH the federal bureaucracy, ain’t it amazing sometimes?


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The day I went home from the hospital

Posted by retiredpo1 on 10/28/2009

On the 24th of September, I got to go home. The doc showed up about mid morning to let me know about the pathology. That was when I was told that it was cancer that was on my kidney. But it had been isolated to the kidney itself. And he said I would get a prescription for pain relievers.
The missus and I did stop for lunch on the way home, I had fun with the waitress. She asked us how our day was going. When we told her splendid due to I get to hang around many more years, the young lady almost fell over. It was rich.
We stopped at our local neighborhood convenience store to grab some smokes for the missus and some gatorade for me. I did sort of a rotten thing and showed the gal who works there my stomach with all those wonderful incisions and staples that were yet to come out. She turned a bit pale! The missus was none too impressed. I thought it was kind of funny. Sailors have rather sick and twisted senses of humour, ya know.
As of tomorrow, things may be thin for awhile as the Missus and I are heading west either tomorrow afternoon or Friday morning.
So, until I get settled and have internet service, see ya then!

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Staples out and a new look

Posted by retiredpo1 on 10/27/2009

I told you I would let you know about the staples coming out of my belly! It took about 15 minutes. It was a metallic sound for each one. The ones really close to the belly button did hurt a little bit and I could feel the strain as the nurse cut them but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be.
I finally found the template that doesn’t cut my ribbons off on the right side(as viewed). So I think I will stay with this one. Bet it was making some of you wonder, wasn’t it? I am having fun with it ya know.

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Posted by retiredpo1 on 10/27/2009

As you can see in the sidebar is the Navy widget and connection to The Valour-IT project from Soldier’s Angels. It is for voice operated laptops and other tech devices to allow OUR wounded warriors the ability to communicate when wounds have impared that ability. The Old Retired Petty Officer’s recent cancer thing ain’t shit next to most of these guys and gals conditions. And most of them are on average younger than my kids.
It your service preference is other than Navy then go to Soldiers Angels and donate, whatever amount you can. It will be appreciated. God bless you.

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Monday and five weeks since the surgery

Posted by retiredpo1 on 10/26/2009

Five weeks today. The scars are slowly receeding. The smaller three that were part of the actual laprosocpic/robotic part of the operation are down to just little lines and dots! The big one that was used to take the kidney out is still red/reddish-pink. All the scabs are completely gone. The pain of excessive situps is slowly fading. I will have my release/up chit in hand tomorrow. It gets faxed to Edwards in short order after that.
Just something else to ponder. When the doc says I have good news and bad news doesn’t just happen on TV and in the movies. That is how this all got started!
Tomorrow, staple removal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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